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Haru Totetsu

Name: O.P.B.
Date of Birth: 06th June 1992
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Religion: Agnostic Atheist
Nationality: British, English
Politics: Common Sense?
Type of Artist: Not Applicable

Okay if it hasn’t become obvious yet…I’m terrible at talking to people. In fact it’s appealing how much I mess it up. I’ve gone from offending people to making them feel threatened by my mistakes. Now I am trying to get better but sadly that’s hard to do alone, and no one I know is any better at communication or doesn’t have the patience to put up with me for long enough to help me improve. So if I offend or upset you in any way please be patient and understanding with me. But also feel free to correct me and pull me up about what I say. I am always willing to apologize about my blunders in my attempts at communication.


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